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An article

November 7, 2006

“Dear Mr. Katz and ladies and gentlemen of the new Winnipeg City Council”


An Update

November 1, 2006

So, since last time, there’s been a civic election… did you catch it? The lacklustre campaign was followed by a lacklustre outcome and lacklustre results — Mayor Sam Katz won more votes than his three competitors combined (104,379 for Katz vs. 38,227 for Marianne Cerilli, 22,401 for Kaj Hasselriis, and 4,444 for Ron Pollack) and most incumbent candidates easily won their wards. The real surprises (if you can call them that this time) were in River Heights – Fort Garry where Donald Benham lost to Katz supporter Brenda Leipsic; and in St. Boniface where Katz’s buddy Franco Magnifico lost his seat to the man he succeeded in the ward, Dan Vandal – likely due to the OlyWest issue which Franco strongly supported.

Two other incumbents were knocked off — Mark Lubosch in North Kildonan by Jeff Browaty and Jae Eadie in St. James-Brooklands by Scott Fielding. Add to that Grant Nordman’s win in a fairly wide-open St. Charles, and the Sam Katz Party is alive and well going into the next four years of council.

Today, Mayor Katz announced his cabinet Executive Policy Committee. No surprises really, except that Point Douglas’ silent man and former Deputy Mayor Mike Pagtakhan was dropped. As people are already saying, regardless of his coziness with Mayor Katz, he did represent an “inner city” voice on EPC (albeit an often-unheard of one). Now, with the councillors from River Heights-Fort Garry, Charleswood, Old Kildonan, Transcona, St. Vital and St. Norbert making all the major decisions for the next four years, our elected officials may begin to develop a more suburban outlook on this city.

In the meantime, we can only wait and see how things go in the inner city (and, in the city as a whole) … Hopefully Marianne Cerilli’s words at the debate at the U of W—if Sam Katz is reelected we won’t recognize the city in four years—won’t prove to be prophetic.