A Small Diversion

August 18, 2006

I’ve been quite busy lately with other things, so until I’ve got time to put together another full-length entry, I’ll leave this to mull over.

Anything wrong with these “nailbombs” (this particular pole is on Adelaide between McDermot and Bannatyne Avenues), small pieces of plywood or cut-offs from 2x4s that have been brilliantly painted and then nailed to wooden structures around the inner city of Winnipeg, usually on telephone poles that desperately need some brightening up? If you see any painted-over nailbombs around, you’ll know that various graffiti removal teams think there’s something wrong. Unsanctioned public art, sure, but vandalism? I think not – at least thought (and premeditation) went into these, and they do provide a welcome diversion and may even provoke some thoughts by the viewers. Isn’t that what art is supposed to do?


One comment

  1. To put it into terms the members of the Philistinian graffiti removal crews understand, those little wooden bombs sell in galleries for sums equal to about three monthly Sunfire payments.

    These little painted blocks of wood, cardboard, or other found materials are doing just as much to keep the wrecking balls out of the West Exchange and Chinatown as any loft condo project is. It also adds to the urbanity and distinction of our city. Unfortunate that the graffitti removal crews, their bosses, and sponsors don’t comprehend that.

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