A Beginning

August 1, 2006

Which way will Winnipeg grow as we become fully entrenched in the 21st century? Will we return to the urbanity of a hundred years ago that propelled Winnipeg to be dubbed ‘The Chicago of the North’ or will we stand idly by, persisting in our thoughts that the open prairie that surrounds us is simply virgin land to be conquered and developed? Or perhaps we’ll simply continue to find ourselves locked in this seemingly never-ending struggle as can only exist here, in the ‘world’s biggest small town’?

Stay tuned for the answer.* In the meantime, as the issues, people and ideas in this city present themselves, enjoy this interesting, informative and opinionated slice of urbanity where the classic love/hate relationship many Winnipeggers have with their city will necessarily come to the forefront.

(*author’s note: Answer likely won’t be readily forthcoming; expect to have to deal with being caught in this game of tug-of-war for a long, long time. It’ll keep things interesting, if nothing else…)


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